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Hellooo Lovely People!

Are you guys Bored? If you are and can’t think of thing/s to do, well I brought something and I know that this will help and will let your creativity stand out (again). Let me tell you that this is one of the easiest among all the easy-to-do stuffs.

This is D-o I-t Y-ourself but right now, I’ll already be teaching you how to do this. 🙂

This is recycling, creating mixed with inspiration and motivation.

So what do we need :

Materials :

• Empty Rounded glass bottle

• Ribbon

Replaceable Materials :

• Sticky note

• Pen

Process :

* Clean the empty rounded glass bottle.

* Tie a ribbon at it’s opening.

* Write a quote/s on a piece of sticky note.( anything you’d like) Can be something that’s about treat or treating yourself 🙂

* There you go, you already have your candy jar as to the cheapest price.

Process :

* The process will be also the same with your candy jar making but it will only be different at the Quote/s.

* Your Quote shall be about writing or anything related with it.

* There you are.

This easy DIY tips will allow you to be crafty and idealistic.

It will both make your eating and writing fun, exciting, and most of all, inspiring and motivational.

If you think that this blog post of mine is yet finished… Well, too wrong cause I brought you guys three.

What And How ?

Materials :

• Empty glass rounded bottle

• Eiffel Tower miniature

• Ribbon (small and medium) Any color you’d love to use.

• Slip of paper

• Pebbles (can be Seashells, or special rocks)

How :

* Clean your glass bottle

* Tie a medium-sized ribbon at the opening

* Put some pebbles, or seashells, or special rocks first

* Put your Eiffel Tower miniature inside.

* Roll your paper slip and tie it with a small-sized lace. Add it there.

* And you’re done.

I decided to make a souvenir like that though I don’t reach Paris, France yet because that’s one of the places I will always love to visit and you guys know that.

This stuff will make you feel good everyday and everytime you’ll see it. It will keep you dreaming of the place and it’ll keep you from coming back there over and over again.

How was it ?

I would tell that making this kind of post is becoming my favorite, I like it when I share you ideas about DIYs and when I use my creativity so I hope that you guys also enjoy reading and using ’em.

Let me know about your thoughts and let’s talk about that. 🙂

“ Live life with Fashion, Imaginations, and Ingenuity. ”

Love you all People, Thanks for having me as a part of your day !


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