15’s Gone | Welcome Sweet 16

Hey sweet people!

How are you doing?

June 23,2018

Let me tell you a story! Can I?

Alright. I never realized that I wasn’t able to make post and update about “this thing” but at least here I am now.
I usually don’t celebrate “it” but I only want to share the Experience with you guys and I hope you all know that I want you to be a part of my life.
This past June 18 was my birthday but As I’ve said, I couldn’t make my update at that exact date because I was super busy with school so let’s have some flashbacks about it and talk time with the things that happened.
For me, birthday is only a one time celebration and that’s the time when you existed, and it would be redundant to always sing happy birthday whenever your born day come. Funny.
(Sighs) It only lighten up my mind that I’m not anymore belong to the age that I love the most, Fifteen. But okay then, time fleets and now, this 16 years old teenager wrote.

I started that day doing the same routine, as usual to wake up early, eat Breakfast, prepare myself, and then go to school, that was Monday. The time I stood up and get out of my bed, Mom greeted me, and I honestly forgot that the day was my day. I told her not to prepare any food for some of my ridiculous reasons but instead, give me money. She agreed. Silly, I know.

I entered the campus gate the way I use to, I walked with some swag and confidence (guys, that’s me) and everything’s fine. ‘Til I almost entered the door of our classroom and nobody greeted me “ good morning ” except to one of my classmates, I responded ,continued walking then boom ! They sung and I was like “ Oh! What the heck!” I screamed so hard. my nervousness is high ’cause of coffee. Lol. I was overwhelmed. I felt so remembered and appreciated that time.
I forgot to check my phone and then the time I opened it,I saw messages greeting me.
I never know that there’s also people who greeted me on facebook, I mean I only deactivated it but it’s now activated again since we’re given project and we need it.

For this new year of my life, I have personal goals that I set to aim and I hope they’ll be fulfilled. Most thankful to God of course. I’ll be writing a self letter and I hope you guys will see and read it.

I and my friends

Trust me, I’m mainly composed of skin and bone. 😂 No gifts but this new chance is enough.

So yes, let’s say hello to sweet 16. And make it a fresh start again. Let’s make it real sweet. Thanks for being with me! Love lots!


26 thoughts on “15’s Gone | Welcome Sweet 16

  1. Hey! Belated happy birthday Mark. May all your wishes come true. Its so nice to see your post. Thanks for sharing dear. And your looking damn cute in your pic. Happiness is radiating out from them. Be Happy always. Good to see your smiling face ❤️

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