Torn, Broken writer

I’m a broken glass, I’m a forgotten picture, I’m a calligraphy written on old piece of paper and throwed to fire.

I fall in love but never been catched, like the petals of a scented thorny Rose that dried on the ground , like a bird shot by gun of hunter and never seen, like rotten fruit that soon faded. I know that life isn’t a fairytale, where I can ride my white horse, know and love you, and be loved back also. But still I’m trying to think that one day our curvy paths will cross and our eyes will meet though there’s just a little possibility.

Out of billion number of people ,one of them will be mine and one of them will own me but is it to lame for you to realize that I’m wishing it would be you? Maybe it is and that gives me pain I can never burst out.

You’re the person I’m thinking while listening to heartbreak songs I’m playing over and over again, it’s your face I’m staring at night in the light of my phone, it’s you who’s I’m asking for at every blinking star that I could see at the darkness of sky and you’re the tears I’m always keeping inside.

Every sunshine isn’t new hope cause for me it’s just again a new suffering from the truth that you’re meant for someone else better.

My heart has a knife that give it wounds and it’s only you who can let it out and heal by your soft stitches.

Your name is the most beautiful word I would always love to hear, and that’s also the reason for my bleeding. You’re my hidden message, and you’re the reason why I keep on writing. I hope someday you’ll read ’em all and remember.


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