Untied and tangled

We’ve been scattered at different positions and space of the Earth and we’ve been sustained by nature.

For time fleeting, we all grow and found our places, our territory. But everything felt not enough, greed and envy occupied it’s way. We all want more and we want things we don’t have while others has.

The flying colors of rainbow builded by our diversity became pale and yet fade. War, noise, brutality arose from it’s death. We lost our surrounding peace and love specifically.
We once grow as beautiful flowers containing differences but genuine beauties. We are tied but the lace was to weak to hold bunch of blooms, it was torn accidentally and we lost our balance, we are now lying down on the filthy ground.

We are untied and tangled, and still in search for the new lace to connect us all and give back the things we are in lack of, things that the world is in lack of today.

If you’re reading this, please help do writings like this.

Use the topic that is worldly and timely-relevant especially about peace and love, and how to bring it back.

You can express through prose or ordinary type of writing composed of paragraphs, poem, or qoute/s. It doesn’t matter how short or long it’ll be for as long as it will open up or tries to let people know our state and living.


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