You’ve done what you’ve done and everything’s unchangeable.

You once wounded me and that marked scars, you once hurt me and that broke my fragile self.

All that I never expect became expected, you showed me the worse side of you and I did nothing but watched you transform. I heard everything that’s nasty, I received the most hallucinating tricks, and the embarrassment I will always keep.

Dignity in me faded hastily. I opened my eyes, awoke it that the world turned differently.

People are saying a lot, a lot of verbals that would always ruin me as, fractures showed itself at my body but I fixed it all and stood stronger than before.

The biggest regret penetrated my mind for not fighting, speaking, and defending for myself but I said, that it’ll be also a big regret to carelessly dropping a soft, delicate glass like me.

Brevity of time happened, I stopped from keeping my face of goodness and switched it to the opposite. Braver, wiser, tougher, smarter, harder, darker. Unfamiliarity is what I did. Once a little creature but changed enormously through power.

I remember how I got disgraced ,rejected, abused, and accepted fakely but I learned and I’ll never be the same, will never be brittle and weak again.

Here now inside the game, where I crave hungrily for avenge and thirsty for forgiveness and pity. You all want to escape while kneeling in front of me but I locked the doors and made some trap for fools.

I’ve been a little creature but changed enormously through power. I’ve been a little creature and I’ll never be that little rat again.


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