15’s Gone | Welcome Sweet 16

Hey sweet people!

How are you doing?

June 23,2018

Let me tell you a story! Can I?

Alright. I never realized that I wasn’t able to make post and update about “this thing” but at least here I am now.
I usually don’t celebrate “it” but I only want to share the Experience with you guys and I hope you all know that I want you to be a part of my life.
This past June 18 was my birthday but As I’ve said, I couldn’t make my update at that exact date because I was super busy with school so let’s have some flashbacks about it and talk time with the things that happened.
For me, birthday is only a one time celebration and that’s the time when you existed, and it would be redundant to always sing happy birthday whenever your born day come. Funny.
(Sighs) It only lighten up my mind that I’m not anymore belong to the age that I love the most, Fifteen. But okay then, time fleets and now, this 16 years old teenager wrote.

I started that day doing the same routine, as usual to wake up early, eat Breakfast, prepare myself, and then go to school, that was Monday. The time I stood up and get out of my bed, Mom greeted me, and I honestly forgot that the day was my day. I told her not to prepare any food for some of my ridiculous reasons but instead, give me money. She agreed. Silly, I know.

I entered the campus gate the way I use to, I walked with some swag and confidence (guys, that’s me) and everything’s fine. ‘Til I almost entered the door of our classroom and nobody greeted me “ good morning ” except to one of my classmates, I responded ,continued walking then boom ! They sung and I was like “ Oh! What the heck!” I screamed so hard. my nervousness is high ’cause of coffee. Lol. I was overwhelmed. I felt so remembered and appreciated that time.
I forgot to check my phone and then the time I opened it,I saw messages greeting me.
I never know that there’s also people who greeted me on facebook, I mean I only deactivated it but it’s now activated again since we’re given project and we need it.

For this new year of my life, I have personal goals that I set to aim and I hope they’ll be fulfilled. Most thankful to God of course. I’ll be writing a self letter and I hope you guys will see and read it.

I and my friends

Trust me, I’m mainly composed of skin and bone. 😂 No gifts but this new chance is enough.

So yes, let’s say hello to sweet 16. And make it a fresh start again. Let’s make it real sweet. Thanks for being with me! Love lots!


Kiss of Death

Once was sitting on a golden throne, my empire was a huge space of happiness and winning, I took control of everything that came, there’s no chance for the word defeat in me. The crown and my turn was only for me, mine, and could never be steal. But changes happened and snakes appeared, they’re uncountable and I didn’t know which of them are venomous and not, but they all poisoned me.

They intertwined and scattered themselves around, I could sense it, sense the loathsome smell brought. They’re trying to hunt me and fool by their hissing voices. They grew and they became longer, bigger, their fangs became sharper and hungrier for thing to suck and body to put in their toxics. And they did, the pile of snakes rolled around me and my body and grabbed the chance to let their filthy, sharpened teeth get in touch with my precious flesh.

I was out of my vision, fell asleep in bitter, gallingly unacceptable reality that my castle would crush into tiny fragments through reptile’s laugh. It was evilic. Satanic.

I closed my eyes for a very long time but I now opened them again with only last drop of tear and shouted in vehemence. I am coated with dust and rust and smoke and heat and dirt and smell of putrid. Bricks beside.

My rare throne is seated by a abhorrent serpent, my soldiers and devastated, damaged palace is now ruled by a Mascara. The crown is on top but not of my head, and I only have this rounded layer of wires to wear.

At least I learned, things aren’t new. My power was rotten but I’ll wake it up from it’s death and resurrect everything like how I woke from my long dark color of black out, will take back what’s for me. I am now fake.

The Sunshine Blogger Award | 7th Nomination

Don’t really know how to start but People! I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Let me tell you this, Aside from Liebster Award, this is also the thing I am always dreaming of before and now that dream is not anymore out of reach ’cause finally somebody gave it to me.

I am very much thankful to Jaya Singh, ’cause she gave me the chance to be included in this awarding.

“ Thank you so much Jaya, I’m very much honored again at this time. ”


• Thank the person who nominated you. ☑

•The ten things about yourself.

• Nominate other bloggers.

My ten random Facts :

1. I hate spiders. They’re like uhmm. Loathsome.

2. I hate snakes🐍 who would not?

3. I was out of the modern. I only deactivated my facebook account and I don’t anymore engage in using Twitter, Instagram, Or what.

4. Earphones and music are my escape. Would rather put and play it on and lay there than wasting time for some other things that will give me nothing .

5. I can be easily frustrated, Really, it’s totally hard for me to just let things go and forget. If there will be some failure around, I’ll think about that over and over again. Overthinking is one of my illnesses.

6. If before I keep on hiding my blog, well I am now promoting it and my classmates already knew ( I guess, you guys too should.)

7. I only have four stuffs on my bed and I want to have more.

8. Can I be a YouTube Vlogger? Yup, I reeaaallly want to.

9. I’m highly sensitive, I’m telling y’all I’m fragile.

10. (This is something that I never told you before) I uses net as my inner blanket. I know that’s weird, but I don’t know. Since when I was a little kid I already use it (maybe when I was five. ) But not only that, I also have PINK blanket which is also already there when I was little (the real owner was my grandma) and that’s my external blanket so my night coat is double in total. It keeps temperature warmer, that’s it! Funny, I know. 😂

Your Turn!

Let me nominate fellow bloggers from the country where I belong.

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A heart that remembers from https://tellyourselftoremember.wordpress.com

My Rules :

• Tell ten facts about you, can be funny or what.

• Answer this ten random questions :

1. What inspired you to have your blog?

2. Who’s your idol in singing and what’s this song of him/her that makes you cry?

3. Fave place in the world and why?

3. Best goal/s in life.

4. Something that you already fulfilled?

5. What’s the best thing that blogging can give you?

6. If there’s someone you’ll be most thankful to, who would it be (except for God)? Why?

7. English or Mathematics ?

8. Forgive and forget or hate and avenge ? Where are you?

9. Have you ever denied yourself only for other people? Tell us a story. 🙂

10. How does it feel being awarded by this? Explain.

• Nominate other bloggers as many as you can and as you want.

Alright! Finally, I’ve got this thing I once was waiting for.

So guys, this doesn’t mean that because I mentioned bloggers to be awarded, you can’t do it too. To whoever reading this now, please consider yourself nominated and leave me a comment so I’ll know if you will participate and so I can read your amazing posts!

Thanks for joining me. Have fun and Enjoy 🙂

The Unknown Writer

Hey y’all! I was given the chance to have fun through this post by raynotbradbury. Actually, this was week ago but because I’m just super busy, I wasn’t also able to find time publishing post for this but here it is now.

Guys, If you want to visit her blog, just click on that highlighted name and there yahh go.

The unknown writer, alright this is something that’s not familiar with me and honestly I don’t really know and having any idea about doing this the first time I saw it but I reviewed and reviewed ’til I got it. But damn, How can I just make it if I’m not a good reader? Lol. Honestly, I’m not into reading books unless I have to. I don’t take much time turning pages and eating words from the content. I felt so sorry but ok, I don’t want to give regret so I’ll be using Taylor Swift.

Yes, Taylor Swift. This didn’t say that only book writers are allowed and since I’m a super fan and she’s a songwriter, and can be consider a writer, I’ll deal with it.

So what is this?

This is the challenge about the writer you’ve never heard of…

At some point of your life the writer was totally unknown to you, but at the end you finally read his work (let’s say in the last 5-7 years) and really liked his book/s or found them interesting (foreign authors are welcome). Or you haven’t read it yet, but planning to do so.

Rules :

1. Share the name of the author and the country of origine. Name some of his/her books.

2. The style of writing – describe shortly.
3. Quote – up to 3
4. The work of the author: the name of the book, novel, poetry…and the one you read or planning to read (add photo if you like).
5. The funny or interesting details from his life (not yours lol) – up to 6
6. Personal Opinion: was it fun to read? or if not – why have you been disappointed?
7. Nominate 3-5 blogs. Have fun!

My answers :

1. Taylor Alison Swift. From America. I’ll be using some of her first songs I listened to before I became a Swifty.

Teardrops on my guitar. (This is something that will make you 😭😭)

Back to December ( One of my faves 😭, it breaks my heart)



Blank space

If this was a movie (will change your mood from happy to sad)

Bad Blood : this is the very first before anything else.

2. Songwriting, heartbreak narratives.

3. Oh. She gave lots of words of wisdom. How can I just?…

This is a line from her speech for the 2nd Grammy award she received :

“ There are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credits for your accomplishments or your fame, but if you just focus on the work and you don’t let those people sidetrack you, someday when you get where you’re going, you’ll look around and you will know that it was you and the people who love you that puts you there and that will be the greatest feeling in the world. ”

“ I know my flaws before other people point them out to me. ”

“When you hear people making hateful comments, stabd up to them. Point out to them what a waste it is to hate and you could open their eyes. ”

Let me break the rule again :

“ Without your past, you could never have arrived so wondrously and brutally by design or some violent, exquisite happenstance… Here. ”

“ I don’t want to change so much that people can’t recognize me. ”

4. So I’ll use album instead of book, let’s have the latest. Reputation

But aside from that, I also love the 3rd Album which is Speak now ’cause it shared sad songs and this is what composed it.

5. She was once a girl holding and playing her guitar with red lips and rosy cheeks but she was also dissed all the time, been called snake on social media, sidetracked and there’s number of people who ruined her but In the death of her reputation, she felt truly alive.

6. Her music are all good, especially the heartbreak ones ’cause they’re something that you can listen when you’re sad and you’ll probably cry and relate to it of course. But time turned, and the newest album was full of avenge and more on hate but it’s so amazing. Must stream!

7. There you guys go! Let’s make it a random nomination. To whoever reading this, you’re nominated and you can freely do this post also. Just let me know you’ll be participating by leaving me a comment so I can read your post for this.

I had so much fun and I hope you guys too will. Thanks for joining me! 🙂

The Social Media Blog Tag | 3rd Tag

Peeps! Guess what? I was tagged again for this one.

So I was tagged by Wamby from whatcmever.wordpress.com and this is strongly a compliment, I am most thankful to her. It’s not the same with other tags like you’ll be answering questions or telling things about yourself, this kind of tag is only a process of recieving and giving.

You’ll be tagged and you will also tag other bloggers but it’s not as easy and simple as that,

By this tag, you’ll know how’s your blog and writings for other people and also at this tag, you’ll give appreciation as well.


  • Thank the blogger who tagged you
  • Choose a blogger or blog to nominate for each category and explain why you chose them
  • Tag other bloggers ( as many as you like )

Categories :


A blog with a design you love

Mary Anonuevo- This gal who’s one of my co-bloggers is just full of efforts in making and publishing posts. I love her graphics which are the watercolour florals, her featured images, and the way she changes her blog designs. It wasn’t over-designed though ’cause it’s just right. She’s the person who taught me how to remove the plain look to my blog especially for my life updates. Shall Visit! Here!


A blog with a friendly blogger

Lizzy- I’m telling you guys, that this co-blogger of me is just one of the most friendly people I know , she’s supportive, really trustworthy, and someone who can give you comfort at your frustrating times. I’m so comfortable with Lizzy and she’s that type of person whom you can easily get along with.

So if you want her also to be your friend. Meet her.


A blogger who could write 140 characters and you would still love them

Manessah B. – Well, Manessah is also one of my friends here in my blogging world, If you guys are wonderin’about her writings, they’re poems that are so lovely! Like how Wamby look at my posts, that’s also the way I look at Manessah’s skill in writing. Elite. Chech her here!

Ricardo Sexton-I really admire this blog that focuses on poems or poetry, to make it precise. I was amazed ’cause he has 4 000+ followers ,this is a growing blog. Love the poems, words are too strong and I’m none of his level. Applause. In this!


A blog which keeps you entertained

Wamby-Sorry but I have to do this. Haha.

I just love this blog of her ’cause it’s very energetic and you can never see things of sadness in here unlike my blog. Lol. Nothing, just love it especially her last line for every of her post that gives fun and maybe laughter if you’ll be seeing it for the first time. Check it out!


A blogger who’s updates you can’t wait for

Ragazza Triste- Yahh! Whenever I get back in blogging, I always make sure to check her blog if there’s a new post or update. Her post are all well-crafted, really amazing, uncertain, and something that people like me can relate. She’s also supportive for other bloggers and not that selfish kind that she post things to advertise other people’s blog. Yupp! A friend.

Check her out too. Click!


A blog which is very diverse and has variety

Jasper from jasperblogss- She’s also one of my first co-bloggers when I was just a starter 3 months ago (Am I just right?)

Well, she posts about her faves, skincare routine, playlists, travel, kitchen recipes and more.

To find more about her, go open it!


A blog which is full of creativity and inspiration

Ria- This blog from Ria that’s just really creative. Poems where you can relate yourself ,talking about life and different things that are about and part of life. Her sketches that are so lovely and something I can never do. She was also there during my dark time when I was in frustration, she raised me up, inspired and motivated me through her words.

To have yourself at that blog. Check this!

Well, if you’re curious what social-media site is this that I got from Wamby…it’s Twitter. 😍

She gave me the things about my blog/writings and how’s it for her. And I was so glad and felt appreciated by the words.

Super overwhelming!
This is just an effortless tag but honestly, I had a hard time choosing them but I know that they deserve it. I really enjoy describing their blogs as and I hope you’ll be checking ’em out.

I’d also like to tag anyone who’s reading it, you can now pick your best choice of blogs and bloggers. Love lots!

The Avowal

Under the dim light up my head, I am folding my legs, coating my body with my long arms, and closing my eyes. Biting my lips as I tremble in fright and fear.

Each of us has our own secrets, has our own inner opinions about ourselves and problems that we won’t and we will never share. I know, but mine keeps on appearing, showing itself up and that’s something to put me in shame. I think, I can’t anymore keep on hiding and now is the right time to let it all go and just be what and who I am.

Different sounds of my own voice says a lot inside my head, utters lot of self-criticisms against me and I can’t stop, my mind can’t force it to shut. “You’re hypocrite, you’re lame, you’re full of flaws”. It attacks my ears but this has to continue ’cause it’s true. I’m not good and I’ll never be enough.

I’m acting far from the real me, I exaggerate myself and paint it with different colors to change. I act that I can be anything and anybody and I can’t. I couldn’t speak, I’m mute. I show people that I’m strong, that I’m versatile and not. I always cover my weaknesses with smiles and chin-up.

I can’t face ’em all. I’m incomplete, I search for acceptance, the real one. I always seek for love and that’s something I can never have.

Own voice swallow me now. I can’t anymore take it, I can’t anymore stay and stand. Everything’s fine and it wasn’t. All I am is failure, sadness, and tears.

But my heart is a vast space of hollow darkness and avenge.

DIY | Art of Journaling / Bullet Journaling

Blog can be a diary, there we can express and tell people what we think and what we feel, but we know that blogging is public though Yes, we can share in here, it’s still different if we’ll be making things more private for us. Well, making a journal can solve it all, it’s almost a diary but here we are allowed not to write daily, there we can write down our feelings, our thoughts, experiences, and more. But how? Will you buy a usual notebook or make it your own? 🙂

I once got the idea to start making my own journal, since I found out that most of the bloggers have it and serves as their helping material. I once saw a notebook that has a design that can be exactly a journal and I can freely buy it but unfortunately, to start wasn’t in my mind that time, I ignored it and thought that I’m not in need of it but later, I realized that I am in regret for not looking at it and think of getting it. But I have that creative side of myself so I decided to produce my very own notebook but I was just afraid that I may fail and create a waste so I didn’t continue and planned not to make my journal and just start it at my upcoming harder journey in college ( that’s two years away ).

Coincidentally, Our oral communication teacher told us to make a journal for her subject and we should be creative to use indigenous materials. And so I did, I bought my materials to use and planned how to make it.

I made it successfully, and I know that I’m not the only person/blogger who wants to have this so to help, I’ll share to you all the materials I used. No worries! 🙂

Journal and Bullet Journal Materials :

• One-fourth sized cardboard or even cartoon.

• 2 pieces special paper (any of your desired design) .

• Colored paper (any of your wanted color).

• Pieces of paper (either colored or bond paper). At least 50 to 100 pieces.

• Sinamay (that’s a type of Abaca product.) Optional .

• Any indigenous or native materials.

• Double-sided tape

• Stick glue/ any adhering material. You can also use yarn or string to bind it.

• Ribbon (any color you’d like).

• Ruler

• Scissor

• Plastic for covering

• Tape

Here’s mine :

Making it can be reach up to half or one day process. It can be difficult but let your creative side stand out. This only takes time and patience.

So that’s it! And if you guys are wonderin’ why I didn’t include the steps or procedures, well that’s because I want y’all to discover and try. As I’ve said, this is D-o I-t Y-ourself so you shall find more about it alone and make it yours.

I hope you guys are now inspired and motivated to do it by this blog post, I know that you all can. Just give it a try, Please try!

Any questions? For more of that, you can freely drop and leave it there at my comment section and I’ll answer. Swear. :)

Love, pain, and Rain

“ Be careful. Don’t let your pen puke it’s ink out. Don’t let it rule you and your words. ”

Here I am again, writing for things that bothers my mind and play my days. I’m wonderin’, why do I keep on writing? Why do I keep on expressing myself and my inner secrets through my words? No definite answer, I just want to do it ’cause all I know is that it opens up my heart to speak about my grief from it’s depth and barriers.

So, I chose to tell it but I saw that I was too wrong for letting my temptation overtake me and my mind. He’s the third person to know about my reality, my sickness, and weakness. It’s a very shameful confession, Did I just do it? Am I awakened in this nightmare? Or I only picked up darkness? I don’t know.

I thought that the game was over but it’s keeping me and I can’t get out. You’re still the person that runs inside my mind and makes my heart to beat fast when I’m listening to mellow, heartbreak songs. I keep on saying your name, I keep on staring at your pictures, Waiting.

This won’t last forever. One day, I’ll realize that you’re not anymore in me, you’re not anymore this destruction. I’ll be out from this but I’ll keep and keep on writing and dedicating it to you so you’ll know how it feels like to love and be unloved. I’ll be out from this pitiful self, paper will lost it’s last page and finding no more space, pens will be inkless and this will be over. Things will be blurry.

At this dark moment, nothing will change, not me, not you, not my feelings for you ’til time will turn and we’ll be new faces again. Memories will remain but my heart will totally forget, bleeding will stop.

This is not any aesthetics, but rain. For countless days, I again will sleep in bed of sadness and despair but with cold feet and hands caused by night breeze, eyes of dryness.

[L]ove, pain, and [A]esthetics

Honestly, I don’t know how to start, I dont know what should be my words. Am I just making this for you or for myself ? I’m not sure if I’ll successfully craft this narrative prose out but all I know is that I want to unlock this trapped weight inside and express it out. I’m not sure cause nothing is sure, all I’ll do is try.

Can I just tell you that I am always in loneliness, I exactly know how my days run and how I look for my space, that I am always with my drowsy feeling, with my teary eyes, with my writing hand, with my fractured heart ?

Then I met you, never know what’s this dumb thing I’m lighting up again but I continue and I do. My dark times are usually spend thinking of you, nights are full of silence. Your beautiful voice, It’s like you’re a sad song in my mind that keeps on playing and giving my body chills. I can’t see anything but you, I love that eyes, that hair which is obviously soft to touch , that teeth of yours seeming cute, and that smile of perfection. Who are you to me? And who am I to you?

All I know is that you’re a Filipino-Italiano, you’re a model, you’re a Youtube Vlogger, you contain lots of positive and unique qualities. Don’t you know that I love your wanderer side?

Don’t you know that I always wait for your tweets?

Don’t you know that I even read your blog done from year 2013?

Don’t you know that I love your complete name and used it to my little stuff?

What makes you so wonderful?

I got tired of saving your 2093 photos on my phone, Have you ever told me to do that? You didn’t, my mind abruptly answers. I am sick and I’m trying to overcome it. I memorized the path and I’m walking to it now.

I, I am just nothing but a hopeless stranger poisoned with stupidity. I felt missing and I have no idea why is it like this, it’s devastating me. I know where it’ll lead, to better heartbreak I guess cause you’ll never walk and travel the same path I’m talking about. Someday, you’ll find that perfect match and I shall be happy, I don’t and I will never hold any right to dictate things to you. It says that If you love a person, then value his happiness not yourself.

You’re in the middle of shining on me but soon, you’ll set and I hope another sun will shine, and I wish that it will be you again.

I’m still thinking if I’ll let you know about this wrote or not, why would I ? Or why wouldn’t I ?

You’re my written calligraphy, this is done to let you know that you’re important and you’re a part of my life. I hope you’ll be reading this… And at that time, my heart will be free from pretends and denial.

4th Blogging Monthsary + Life Updates

It’s been four days ago since I published my very last blog post which is “ The Real Neat blog Award ”…

I missed a lot, I missed writing, publishing, my blog, and you guys of course! 😭

Anyway, I have a lot of things to tell so we’ll be bonding with lots of talk-about. It’s nice to be back! Well, I think some of you are wondering why I idled for such that four days and only had this time to write again and that’ll be no worries because I’ll tell them all.

As I’ve said from my last last last last + last post, I’ll be on indefinite hiatus because of school and yes, that hiatus happened but here I am again. Happened the very first week of my new school year, I became so much busy that I can’t anymore manage to find some free time, our teachers already gave us a lot of things to be done including assignments, research, as well as reports 😓 (with that emoji!) I only fail my very first reporting ’cause that wasn’t the only thing I have to do when I was at that night, there’s my other assignments to accomplish and I also prepared something for our class, Yes, I am again the elected President of our class which I honestly don’t want to because when I became the President last year, it was a nightmare for me. I really got frustrated with that failure like I was embarrassed in front of my classmates and my teacher and that’s a big deduction for me. I never told anyone ’bout this thing except to y’all but I just then made myself optimistic, I moved on, and think that that reporting isn’t my last. Huh! Really traumatic, I lost my confidence and esteem in speaking but that doesn’t mean I’ll give up, when I was at my lower grade in high-school, reporting and speaking was the things I love in school so ok, I’ll deal with the challenge.

With that updates, it’s obvious that I’m in extreme stress. I think more upcoming difficult experiences are about to come as days pass so I shall be prepared and be better than I am, weekends are just really my escape but not.

Except from that, I also received something bad and displeasing, I mean disgusting word from one of the teachers in my school. He my former subject teacher but I don’t think that he deserve my respect. Heck!. When we are inside the computer laboratory, he told a joke (not even a joke I think) he said that he will give me an award and that’s the award of loyalty because maybe I still picked the same school but except from that, he also said that he’ll give me an award of being “Pabibo” , the word is new and not familiar, Right? Well, that’s an almost modern Filipino word which means to act like you know something though you don’t and you only want to amaze people with the things you can’t really do. I mean, that was rude and hurtful. When I’m in school I always make sure that I act naturally and innocently, I don’t even participate very much at discussions and try hard just to get that High grades, Oh my! Cause what for? I don’t have to make things harsh just to reach that super high grades. Is he a teacher? Or just almost an illiterate-acting person? Both! Especially, my classmates laugh at that and that’s no good for me. I never spoke and I just then laughed at it like everything’s fine.

So he think he can get away from me, sorry to him cause I’ll write about what he did, just a short, simple narrative that will surely against him. Don’t play games with me. Is he ready? Haha!

Because of what happened, I’ll dance this choreography and sing “ Look what you made me do ”.

🎶 “ Oh! Look what you made me do, look what you made me do,look what you just made me do, look what you just made me do! ”🐍🐍🐍 🎶

Don’t you guys know that I love that steps? And now you know.


Just another update, I got 164 monthly viewers on Pinterest as my social media platform in just one month! I know that’s only a very small thing cause there are other users who could get 50-100k viewers, Yah! But for me, that’s something to celebrate. I guess, Pinterest is the most reliable and easy to use platform so I recommend it and I hope you’ll be using it too.

Follow me!

Now, if you are wonderin’ how to convert it into a platform, I’ll be answerin’ them all. Just comment down and ok, I’ll give you my responses . No worries! 🙂

From that long talk, looks like we’re forgetting something.

Happy fourth blogging monthsary!

Supposedly, this should be celebrated this past June 06 but because I’m super busy, I wasn’t able to write. Sorry for the delay but let’s look back, Can we? Alright!


Wise-words Monday ☑
• I wrote narrative /short proses.

• I gain more followers, readers, likers, commentators, what more?

• I was tagged several times.

• I received different awards!

• I met new people

• I found friends

• Better blogging experiences.

Things that happened are just so sweet and worth making celebration, isn’t it?

I am expecting nothing more this new month because I have nothing to wish at all, they’re all fulfilled. Everything are just priceless for me and they’re ineffable.

Ok, done with the celebration, let’s now move to the next thing to tell, Since my School just started and I have to put more efforts than usual, I’ll be on a weekly hiatus so that means I will not update anything during weekdays and will only do during weekends like this. So I’ll always miss you all especially those co-bloggers who are close to me and treating me as their friend and I also treat as friend.

By the way, I updated my new blog icon and here it is:

Again, Nice to be back!

Any questions? Click on the comment section!